KBA Mission Statement

Montana Bison Association

5 N. Virginia St.
Conrad, MT 59425
P: 406-627-2436

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The Montana Bison Association was founded in 1999 and is member to National Bison Association.  We are a non-profit organization comprised of bison producers and enthusiasts with a passion for this majestic animal.  The purpose of the Montana Bison Association shall be as follows:


To promote buffalo (also known as bison, hereinafter referred to as “buffalo”) and buffalo products, namely breeding stock, meat and by-products. To seek fair and equitable regulations in the control of disease and in the movements of buffalo and buffalo products, for intrastate, interstate and international purposes. To perpetuate buffalo as a great North American native animal and to study, sponsor research, collect and disseminate pertinent information pertaining to buffalo. The Association shall be known as a non-profit organization, with the monies accumulated being used to carry out functions of the Association and the promotion and welfare of the buffalo.

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